Conny Leporatti, The Colors of Light Handbook

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This **Handbook **is the result of a long journey realised by Conny Leporatti, starting from the 1990s, on the use of **art images** in **psychotherapy **and **family mediation**, in a constant and fertile dialogue between Italian and International colleagues. The text moves from the fundamental theorical concepts which characterise the modern developments of a systemic therapy: the historical dimension and trans-generational dimension, the enhancement of subjectivity and the research of an attribution of meaning, the importance of the metaphorical and analogical language in therapy.
It presents also a significant reflection on the evolution of the concept of narration in psychotherapy on the implicit rational knowledge and on acquisition of neurosciences that allow new development of the relation therapist-patient, and gives a new life to the co-construction of new stories and the co-reading of the experiences and of the experienced of the patient. It enters in deep focusing on the technique of the use of the art images in therapy, in which the techniques are illustrated in the field of individual therapy, couple therapy, family therapy, mediation and parental coordination, in different cases.
To complete the book, there is a **never released interview** of the author **with Rodolfo De Bernart**, teacher and colleague, reference on a professional and human level, that allows an incisive summary and clarification of the use of images in psychotherapy from the 70s until today.

THE AUTHOR: Conny Leporatti is a psychologist, psychotherapist, technical consultant to the Court of Florence, director of the Institute of Family Therapy – Centro of Empoli. “Since I was a child I walked the streets of Vinci and, with my father, I climbed the hills surrounding the village,
among vineyards and olive groves. Leonardo’s Book of Painting has always fascinated me. To this reading and to my father’s love for art I owe my early approach to paintings and painters. So, since my adolescence I had the opportunity to see – and live – museums and art exhibitions. The suggestions that art images have aroused in me have developed over time, to the point of becoming an object of use in psychotherapy. In the early 1990s, I started using art images in therapy using art catalogs and museum catalogs available at my studio.”

THE CURATOR: Tullia Toscani is family psychotherapist, accredited practitioner EMDR, sensory-motor psychotherapy (2nd level), Brief Eclectic Psychotherapy (BEPP), co-founder of AITF (Association of Institutes of Family Therapy), founder and director of the Institute of Family Therapy in Bologna (ITFB), member of the Italian Society for the Study of Traumatic Stress (SISST), SITF teacher, AIMS teacher, CISMAI associate, director of Webinar Human Systems and editor of the Series of Psychology inRiga Editions.

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